Monday, September 24, 2007

Mood Indigo

After the Indigo Dyeing Course at summer school, I now have my own indigo vat and have dyed some skeins of yarn, this is a wool and mohair mix I spun some years ago it - it could never decide what it wanted to be, until it saw the indigo dye pot and jumped in! I aimed to get the colour a little stronger in each skein which is very faint, to make a simple shoulder shawl
Dyed clean fleece, the left dyed in the indigo vat and the right dyed with a mix of purple and grey logwood, in a ratio of 4 : 1 using earthhues dyes from DT Craft and Design. The bottom is the logwood dyed fleece combed ready for a semi-worsted spin. I am pleased with the colour from the logwood, I was aiming to achieve a darkish lavender grey and this is quite close. Now just need to dye enough for a sweater!

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Lydia said...

gorgeous, I love the smokey purple.