Saturday, December 17, 2005

Tiny Teddy and Grandaughter's Bag

Another teddy from Sandra Polley's book, complete with coat in patons chenille and a teeny weeny curly wurly, from one strand of machine knitting yarn. Have also made a bag to mount grandaughter's woven square on, I have found several bag making books on the Kent Libraries catalogue, and it's now possible to reserve them on line, which makes things very easy, in fact it's too easy to spend ages on line browsing the library catalogue.

Yummy Yarn, Bags and Beads

Where does the time go to? What have I been doing, well knitting, cooking and decorating amongst other things. The beaded knitting class with Julie Makin was excellent, held at C & H Fabrics at Canterbury, a full day we did various samples in the morning with Julie showing us how to thread beads, cast on with beads, knit with beads, etc, with lots of tips to avoid the worst problems. After lunch we had a choice of jaeger yarn and bead packs to start on our own design. I have not got very far with mine yet, I did not want to follow a pattern but to experiment with the different pattern and stitch placements, so this is it so far.

I have used all my sock yarn so it was essential to buy more and I found some gorgeous yarn on ebay. Opal hand painted in teal, pink and claret, very soft and some of my favourite colours, just asking to be made into a great pair of socks.