Friday, August 11, 2006

Spinning the Jacob Fleece

The first two skeins of jacob fleece roving, it's so easy to spin from a roving and its amazing how quickly it goes along, I'm not sure what I will want to knit with this yet, but I think it could look good as a fairisle - perhaps with some dark red, white and black in fairly traditional pattern, it would make a warm jumper for the my husband, who has never complained about the sewing, knitting, spinning etc taking over the home, and who apart from mending the equipment also made me an inkle loom!

Dyeing with Dylon Cold Water Dye

Have had time to play with some more yarn dyeing and this time I used Dylon cold water dyes, dyeing ramie, bamboo and tussah silk. The colour was called sea green and gave different effect on each fibre. Very easy to use just mix the powder, add the sachet of fix and salt and then leave to soak. I just carried on using until the colour was exhausted. This could be a good method of overdyeing any yarn that you did not like. The cold water dye only works on natural fibres. In the picture the top is the tussah silk, on the left is the ramie and the bamboo on the right. Approximately 200 grams of each was dyed.