Monday, September 25, 2006

Handspun Wensleydale

Some more hand spun and dyed Wensleydale fleece, this takes time and effort to prepare but the fleece is soft with a good sheen and takes dye very well. I want the skeins to be various merges of lilac, blue, mauve, pink etc. When I have enough I intend to knit the adult surprise jacket from EZ's book, but I may have other ideas for it by then.

Much travelled EZ Fairisle Pattern

Gosh, this has taken me ages to knit, its been picked up and put down more times than my glass of wine and is much travelled, having been all over the country in the camper van, however it's nearly there now, provided I don't undo the sleeves again which is a strong possibility. The main garment was knitted in Elizabeth Zimmerman's 3 plus 1 fairisle pattern and knitted in the round from the bottom up, then divided at the underarm for the sleeves. Knitted in various brands of DK cotton. The sleeves were picked up and knitted from the top down.

Travels to Charmouth

Have just returned from spending a few days at Charmouth, great site to stay on a few hundred yards from the Jurassic coast, we went fossil hunting, with daughter and grandaughter, the Saturday was warm and sunny and the fossil hunters were out in force. Daughter and grandaughter found some small ones, I found none but as we were strolling along the beach I saw a stone I think may be a fossil and I like the shape for a paperweight. As it was such a relaxing site I caught up with some knitting and have made progress on the zip front jacket I am knitting in Debbie Bliss DK cotton, a pleasant blueish green, or possibly greenish blue!