Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Adult Surprise Jacket - Many Thanks

Many thanks to Yarn Harlot and everyone for all the kind comments on the Adult Surprise Jacket, I really enjoyed the work I put into this, it took longer to prepare dye and spin the Wensleydale fleece than to knit the jacket. I hope to do another one in a blue/coffee/aqua combination but this time I would make the stripes narrow and closer in colour.

Helix Socks Again and More

More Helix socks knitted, from the Pattern in Knitters Calendar for 2007, I just love playing with the colours and it's amazing how little yarn is used for the stripes when the ribbing heel and toe are in solid colours. The mauve/lilac/pink pair are for me and the enormous striped pair are for someone with very swollen feet.

I have also tried a simple helix stripe summer top in oddments of green yarn, one plain green, one green and white slightly slubby, and one plain green very slubby. I knitted this in the round until the underarms and then divided the stitches in half, cast on 6 stitches at each end back and front to make a cap sleeve effect and knitted from side to side, as I was using circular needles I knitted from each end as appropriate to try and duplicate the stripes. I made some mistakes but carried on because I wanted to see the finished effect and also how the cap sleeve effect would work. I picked up stitches around the sleeve and hem after the top was finished to stop the edges rolling in.