Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Renaming the Stash

Lily and Violet in the Garden

Dyed in microwave with Easy Peasy Dye

Tea Rose Pink, woollen roving and lovely lustrous Wensleydale Fleece old rose colour mixed 7ml scarlet with 5ml blue

EZ Fairisle Pattern 3 + 1
Busy week, family coming to stay so lots of sorting out and tidying the craftroom, I mean spare bedroom, and gosh how big is the stash!, so huge in fact that have decided to call it "Part of the National Yarn Collection" feels much better now, am in fact doing important job in acquiring yarn for the nation and not just buying more for me! Will have glass of wine to celebrate.

Mmmmm very nice red wine from M&S. Have done about 8" of the Elizabeth Zimmerman 3 + 1 fairisle pattern, using black cotton as background and white, teal and lettuce green as contrasts, v.easy to knit and fun watching the pattern develop. She uses some purl stitches to change the texture of the knitting. Easy fairisle to knit because there are always 3 stitches of one colour and one of another, can follow this even if have had second glass of wine, sounds like a good idea in fact and DH would like another glass too!


littlelixie said...

Love the renaming of the yarn! Love the dyed fleece too. Am planning a little trip to london handweavers studio this weekend!

KnitYoga said...

Jan, love the colour combination in the fair isle. You seem to have an eye for colour!

billy karloff said...

secret yarn stasher?