Tuesday, November 15, 2005

C'est Moi

I've been tagged by Mary-Lou, so.....................

What is your all time favourite yarn to knit with?

Well that's a bit like saying which bottle of wine do you prefer? it's much easier to think of the wines I would not drink, and similarly the yarns I do not want to knit with, yarns with horrible texture, vile colour, poor quality, yarns that break and yarns with knots, yarns that smell and yarns that scratch.

I enjoy knitting with a good quality, well spun pure wool in about a four ply or double knitting, usually Jaeger, or hand spun, and in a colour I adore, and even better if I am knitting an interesting new pattern, and knitting it for someone I am very fond of!

Your favourite needles?

Usually Addi Circs, smooth, fast, weight held on lap, easy to tuck in for travelling knitting. Sometimes old metal beehive or aero and four needles for socks, (sorry Alex) and occasionally bamboo, BUT NOT PLASTIC, they make my hands sticky, stitches stick and I really get grumpy.

The Worst Thing You've Ever Knitted?

A zipped jacket that I made for my daughter, looked great, fitted well, and shed fibres over everything. I have sometimes thrown or given away yarn I absolutley detested knitting with, once I even burnt it with great glee!

Your most favourite knit pattern?

Bottle Cover for the Wine, and matching coasters for the glasses :-)

Most Valuable Knitting Technique

Knitting two colour fairisle with both colours held in the right hand and "picking" the colour needed with the index finger. Don't knit complex patterns after two glasses of wine.

Best Knit Book or Magazine

Books for me every time, they can go into much more depth than magazine articles, so my favs are Elizabeth Zimmerman, Mary Thomas, Maggie Rigetti, Montse Stanley, Gladys Thompson, Jean Frost, Sally Melville

Favourite Knit-Along

None, not my thing unless you consider the cw blog a K-A.

Favourite Knitwear Designer

Elizabeth Zimmerman

The Knit Item You Wear the Most

At present it's my clapotis, pic on my blog, because its soft, light and warm.

Which Lucky Knitter Gets this Next?

Spinning Sue
The Wool Palace


Mary-Lou said...

THank you! - enjoyed reading it - sounds like knitting and wine go together ...?

Mary-Lou said...

THank you! - enjoyed reading it - sounds like knitting and wine go together ...?

Mary said...

Hooray! I've been meaning to do this one for a while. Thanks for tagging me - I'll get to it this week, I promise.

Nickerjac said...

Thanks for the tag, I'll have to think about this one, will try and post this evening