Sunday, February 05, 2006


A great trip to Vinopolis on Friday, I went with some very good friends as part of my ongoing 60th Birthday celebrations! Vinopolis is just behind Borough Market, which is now very colourful and full of delicious food goodies, lots of cheese, meat, fish, veg etc lots of organics and cooked food which smelt so appetising in the cold. Vinopolis is built under the huge brick arches of the station and is very attractive, as you would guess from the name it's all about wine, there are wines from all over the world, a short talk on how to taste wine and then lots of wines to taste! It's a very attractive setting you can stroll around at leisure to the different tasting tables, very relaxed, lots of places to sit and sip, and water coolers to refresh the taste buds. Afterwards we had a meal at an Italian Restaurant in Villiers Street, adjacent to Charing Cross Station, and of course managed a little more wine with dinner!

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KnitYoga said...

Looks like you had a great time at Vinopolis. Just catching up with people's blogs and noticed the pullover in the previous post. Looks great and I think it's wonderful how you manage to find all these lovely yarn bargains in charity shops.