Thursday, April 12, 2007

Large Size Socks

Knitted some super size socks which needed a very stretchy cast on as the recipient has very painful feet due to health problems. I had lots of very useful advice from the USA group Knitu and after experimenting with some of the suggestions, used the double knitting cast on which is virtually invisible when completed. I used the version from Sivia Harding which uses waste yarn and also used a larger needle size for the cast on which makes for a very soft stretchy edge. I judged that they were a great success as I was asked if I could knit another half dozen pairs, as the recipient is my son I guess I will have to keep knitting. The picture makes the edge look slightly flared but this disappears when they are on the foot.


Jo said...

They're a lovely bright blue colour too, best wishes!

stitchwort said...

Hello - de-lurking to ask what yarn you use for socks, and do you spin it yourself?
I want to make my own sock yarn, but haven't yet found a suitable fibre or combination of fibre. Any ideas?

Knitsmith said...

Hi Stitchwort, the blue socks are from some German sock yarn, but I have found Sunbeam St. Ives is a very good hard wearing yarn which is machine washable and does not felt. I have knitted socks for myself in some vintage hand wash yarns, but those I knit for husband and son need to be machine washable. I do have some handspun yarn that I might rainbow dye to knit some socks. Good Luck.