Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Adult Surprise Jacket - Many Thanks

Many thanks to Yarn Harlot and everyone for all the kind comments on the Adult Surprise Jacket, I really enjoyed the work I put into this, it took longer to prepare dye and spin the Wensleydale fleece than to knit the jacket. I hope to do another one in a blue/coffee/aqua combination but this time I would make the stripes narrow and closer in colour.


Joan said...

WOW!! That is truly beautiful. And you dyed and spun the yarn? I am not worthy! I made one a long time ago but it's too small now so might have to do another.

Renée said...

Love that beautiful jacket. I'm knitting my first EZ project, the Pi Shawl. Hope to do the Adult Surprise Jacket someday.

Lydia said...

Love the surprise jacket, you have inspired me. I have relations in Buckinghamshire and in Chester, was excited to find a UK blog. My Mum is a Londoner, and I'll be sharing your blog with her.

God Save the Queen!!!

Jo said...

It looks even better on, great to put a face to the name. The socks are looking great too. I'm still hoping to make it to a meeting, especially after meeting up with other spinners at Woolfest, I will let you know when I am coming though!

Julie said...

Would you be willing to share your gauge, number of stitches cast on,and how much yarn you used. I did the math to do a jacket and couldn't believe my calculations - so I'm afraid to try it.
The sweater is just wonderful

natalie said...

It's wonderful.
Could you tell me where the pattern is please?
I have looked on Schoolhouse Press and there only seems to be a baby-sized BSJ... and I'm a bit bigger than that!
Nice socks too :o)

Woolly Wormhead said...

Hey Jan,

I'm dreaming/planning on dyeing, spinning and knitting my own Adult Surprise Jacket - can you give any hints on yardage/weight/gauge etc?

Checked the archives on the Zimmermania blog but no clues!

Cheers, Ruth