Friday, November 20, 2009

Guild Workshop with Alison Daykin

The Kent Guild had its annual "Vic Edwards Day" on the last Saturday in October, with a workshop where we all try and join in on learning something new, in memory of our founder. This year we had a wonderful day, entitled "Creative Spinning" with Alison Daykin. We were told to bring with us a picture that inspired us, and a selection of spun yarns, and oddments of commercial yarns, beads, fabric etc.

Alison is a very good teacher and took us though a number of the pictures to explain how we could
identify elements of the picture/colour to get the effects we wanted in our spun yarn. She also demonstrated a different method of carding from rovings for colour blending, and various different spinning methods for fancy yarns, a core wrapped yarn, tufted yarn, two methods for attaching beads, two colour roving, two colour slub yarns and more. A great day and I got a lot out of it, I came away with my head buzzing with new ideas for my stash of fibres and rovings.

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